August 19 & 20, 2017

Charles County Maryland

Our Misson



To provide home safety solutions for the elderly, disadvantaged families with children, Veterans, and disabled.


SWC Cares provides home repairs for the elderly, disabled, and disadvantaged families with children. 


September 9-10, 2017

Prince George's County Maryland

#health, #fitness, #wellness
#health, #fitness, #wellness

Fundraising News

  • Converting homes to ADA compliant
  • Updating kitchen and bath
  • Installing ramps and handrails
  • Providing education in home safety
  • Non-Medical Personal Care Assistance

The Lives We Impact

The SWC Cares staff  and volunteers work many hours planning home repair projects, developing social services resources, developing special community fundraising events, holding workshops and training classes, and general operations. β€‹β€‹

 Collaboration and partnerships are the foundation of our projects.  Without the knowledge, resources, capabilities, and manpower that partnerships can bring, we would be unable to accomplish the depth and number of programs we have developed.  Likewise, without our excellence in planning and management skills, our ability to build and nurture community partnerships would not be a reality.       β€‹

Providing Services to Our Community

It’s important to us to be as clear about what we do as a community organization to provide services to the elderly and disabled in need. This list details a majority of our recent initiatives that we need your support.